Protection Stones

The power of the stones

Precious stones have intrigued mankind for a long time because of their unusual appearance, colour, inner brilliance, transparency and rarity. Many of them have been given commercial, magical and healer value, linked to the signs of the zodiac, stars and planets (in each culture such a link may be different, the Babylonians, for example, attributed agate to the sign of the Bull, emerald Arabs and chalcedon Jews). Certain physical properties of stones predisposed them to healings, e.g. turmaline and quartz, which together with magnetite produced electric charges, could have a beneficial effect on rheumatic ailments.

Stone energies are very old, millions or even billions of years old. The whole matter of the universe is made up of minerals, so their energy and esoteric properties are universal. Stones, as well as herbs, colours, numbers and sounds are not indifferent. They may be in one place for many years, but they are still active tools with energy that can affect your world. They are gifts from the Earth, mineral beings with consciousness, strength and soul, which you can use to improve the quality of your life.

Purification of stones

Purification is a simple process in which you get rid of all the past influences and energies that the stones have come into contact with, thus preparing them for your own use. So it’s worth repeating the ritual for each new stone if you’re going to use it in magic rituals. An exception to this may be field stones that you have personally collected away from industrial areas, military areas, highways, etc.

Remember that not every stone can be cleaned by any method. Also the time of charging with solar energy can be different for different stones, e.g. a mountain crystal can stay in the sun for several hours, while a tourmaline, pyrite, agate, malachite, hematite, tiger eye and all iron minerals, intensely colored, dark can be left in the sun for up to 10 minutes.

Charging the protective stone

We can increase our energy protection by using protective objects and wearing tenement houses’ protective clothing. If we do it ourselves, we will incorporate our intent and vibration into the object. Amulet helps to protect our vibrations, especially in human settlements, where we are surrounded by many foreign energy fields, which can adversely affect us.

It is important to concentrate on the intention while preparing the amulet – the longer we stay in such concentration, the greater the impact of the amulet. The amulet can be programmed for only one specific action – e.g. protection or attracting money. It cannot take on more than one role. Stones, preferably light and round, such as mountain crystal, rose quartz or moonstone, are ideal for the role of an amulet.

Preparation of a protective stone

When you have selected the right stone and washed it under running water, say so loudly: Let all information fields be washed away from this stone. Now.

Place the stone inside your left hand and start breathing deeply. Concentrate on the inside of your heart, feel your love and increased vibration. Breathe on the stone, allowing love and gratitude to flow down on it. Say to him in whisper: We are both woven from the same matter of eternity and the same stars illuminate our way, the same vibration flows through us. It is a protective vibration that protects my energy. You are my protective stone! You protect me when I wear you!

Now, with the fingers of your right hand, bay the circle three times over the stone in a clockwise direction. Then moisten your finger with saliva and rub it against the stone. Light one match and blast it three times around the stone. Blow out the fire and hold the stone in the smoke escaping from the match.

Your amulet is ready. Say thank you for it, always carry it with you, and put it under your pillow at night.

Amber stone

Amber stone is a fossil resin from tertiary coniferous trees, about which not everything is known yet. Mineralogy defines amber as a body of organic origin, chemically heterogeneous, endowed with specific physicochemical properties.

Radiesthetists call it a stone of life, because it can provide our body with life-giving electrons and negative ions. Amber in its original form, under normal conditions of pressure and temperature is insoluble in water, slightly soluble only in some organic solvents such as ethyl alcohol, petroleum ether or benzene. Amber may be light yellow to brown in colour, opaque or translucent. It often contains submerged residues of plants or animals. It has a wide melting range from 250-400oC. Chemically it contains about 80% carbon, 10% hydrogen and oxygen. The composition of amber varies and depends to a large extent on the place of origin and age. It happens that the composition of raw material from the same deposit differs from one another, so it cannot be used for identification. The polymeric nature of amber is responsible for its limited solubility. The insoluble polymer network contains soluble components which can be extracted with suitable solvents.

The energising properties of amber are present in unpolished, unalloyed amber, i.e. in its natural form, whereas research has shown that they increase significantly after its micronisation (grinding). It is important that the grinding of amber pieces does not cause a significant increase in temperature that accompanies the friction process. An increase in temperature can cause the amber to melt and lose its valuable properties. During grinding, free electrons are released from the amber mass and the smell of turpentine (karen, p-cymen – volatile compounds found in resin) is noticeable. P-cenium and monoterpenes, e.g. karenes, are connected with the main mass of amber by complex bonds in which free electrons with energizing effect are present. Breaking the bonds in the amber releases free electrons and aromatic components. The released amber energy activates the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) contained in the cells to act towards their renewal and increase biological activity. ATP stores energy necessary for all metabolic processes of the cell. It is produced in the respiratory chain. In the process of ATP synthesis, energy is stored and released in the process of hydrolysis. Increasing the stored energy in ATP improves our vitality.
The magical and healing power of amber has been believed since the earliest times. The amber pendants from the Stone Age preserved to this day are interpreted as amulets used in hunting magic by the prehistoric inhabitants of the Baltic Sea Region. They are most often in the form of tiles or round shields with geometric ornaments, incisions in the form of zigzags and dots, sometimes with stylized images of people and animals, as well as in the form of zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures. The mysterious and inexplicable properties of amber, especially the power of attraction, must have caused fear and admiration of the primitive man. No wonder that such an extraordinary stone was attributed with magical properties. It was probably believed that taking an amber pendant or an animal-shaped figurine with you for hunting would ensure successful hunting. In the Neolithic period, amber sacrifices were made in front of houses as a protection of their inhabitants against all misfortunes (such a Neolithic version of insurance).

Natural medicine specialists believe that each of us is surrounded by an electromagnetic field. As a result of stress or illness, there is an excess of positive charges. Meanwhile, our body functions properly when there is a balance between positive and negative charges. It is thanks to amber, which produces friendly negative charges, that we can recover it. Research has shown that this stone contains many valuable microelements: silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, organic compounds combined with iodine, volatile substances, resin acids. However, raw amber, i.e. unpolished amber, has a beneficial effect on our health. Then it has antibacterial properties, facilitates healing, lowers blood pressure, increases bile secretion, calms, activates the body to fight diseases and to regenerate.

The properties of amber are also used in modern cosmetics. Cosmetics containing amber are designed to care for tired skin, requiring a large amount of energy needed for cellular renewal of the skin. Energy is a source of life, so we draw strength and vitality from it. The skin first reveals its lack, losing its elasticity and radiance, it regenerates more slowly, signs of aging appear. Cosmetics containing amber improve hydration and lubrication of the skin, cause


Malachite is a transformational stone that will help you make changes in your life if you need them and if you have the courage to make them. And if you don’t have the courage, this stone will open up a point of view in which this courage is at your fingertips. All you need to do is to have the intention to change.
In the process of personal development the stone indicates what needs to be changed and assists you with this change. It helps us to connect with the intention of the universe and thanks to that changes take place quickly, efficiently and painlessly.

Malachite makes every transformation from the heart and allows us to understand that we are co-creators of our fate, not victims. We notice that our capabilities are infinite and that it is only up to us what is possible and what is not.

Malachite – the stone of purification
Malachit has the power to purify. In the literal sense, it has the power to purge radioactive radiation and electromagnetic pollution.

In esoteric or energetic terms, this crystal purifies, opens and activates chakras, opens the heart to unconditional love and gives a sense of balance and harmony.

It can support rebirthing sessions because it has properties that help to heal old traumas from old life.

Protective properties of malachite
Malachite is also a stone used for energy conservation. It protects against negative energies, the “bad eye”, harmful thoughts and bad will. Some people say that it also protects against ghosts or charms.

It is said that when you wear it, the stone warns you of imminent potential danger and also protects you from it. So don’t worry if your malachite breaks or breaks, it will mean it has a good protective function.

Healing properties
Malachite also has healing properties. It is said to help with menstrual pains, cramps and childbirth, arthritis, high blood pressure, asthma, epilepsy, tumours and cardiovascular disease. I have already mentioned his ability to extract from the subconscious and heal emotions and even traumas. In such situations, a good partner cooperating with malachite will be pink quartz, rhodonite or kunite.

Malachite is a stone with a very strong and multiple action. It is especially effective in connection with meditation. It was known in ancient cultures, especially appreciated in ancient Egypt. When cleaning, try not to soak it too long in water and especially avoid water with salt, which can damage its surface.

Malachite – a sense of inner power and the power of peace
The energy properties of malachite allow us to discover the power of our interior. We get a connection to our inner power and we can achieve a sense of unconditional security. This stone teaches you that you are the center of your own universe, with full respect for others and the whole environment.

The energy of malachite is the power of peace. When you combine it with its energy, you realize that everything will be fine, no matter what the external circumstances seem to be at the moment. You know that fear is only an illusion, and the truth is available at your fingertips.

It is a stone that makes all illusions disappear and trust and confidence in one’s own intuition remain.

Properties of malachite as a heart opening stone
As I have already written, it is a stone that activates the flow of unconditional love. It helps us to remain in a state of high energy and empathy, while maintaining a sense of security and being “within”. For example, it allows us to be fully at the other person’s side and not to be connected with e.g. harm or low vibration.

In the emotional sphere, malachite helps us to connect to our deep, often hidden emotions and to understand them in a loving way, to heal them and to transcend the limitations they cause. It makes it easier for us to change our old patterns and beliefs.

Malachite – a stone of abundance and success in business
Malachite energy will help you to successfully complete your projects and projects. It is said that in business, malachite avoids dishonest partners and contractors and helps to make the right intuitive business decisions.

The stone combines logical thinking and intuition, which is a great mix for success in a variety of areas.

In the process of setting goals, malachit helps us to connect with our hearts and our deep needs. Malachit gives us a connection to our inner power that allows us to fully experience life, wealth and abundance.

Malachite has the power to realize goals, visions, dreams and dreams. We are co-creators of our world and everything is possible. This message makes malachite a powerful stone of wealth, success and manifestation.


Although haematite occupies the final place among precious stones, it is attributed the greatest therapeutic properties and influence on man. This is done both physically and emotionally.

Hematite is actually an iron oxide, quite common on all continents. The most common form of hematite is rhombohedron, which is a spatial solid composed of 6 rhombuses.

Another name for hematite is yarrow. It owes it mainly to the intense red color during the powder process and the effect on the circulatory system. It is entirely black, steel or grey (various shades).

It was for these reasons that it became the main amulet of fighting soldiers. Not only did it allow them to defeat their enemies, but in case of injury it was used to stop dangerous bleeding.

Hematite healing properties

Heama is Greek blood, hence the name of the stone, which is attributed the greatest properties of the effect on the circulatory system. First of all, it is used to stop bleeding, regulate the menstrual cycle. Bloodworm is used for all diseases related to blood circulation. It helps to regulate blood pressure, prevents the formation of varicose veins, unblocks blood vessels. It facilitates iron absorption, which is particularly important for people prone to anaemia and muscle spasms.

Supporters of unconventional medicine believe that it has a positive effect on kidney function and treats bladder diseases. Bloodworm affects not only the body, but also the soul. Already in ancient times it was considered a stone of happiness, helped to maintain a joyful mood, brought love, strength and victory. Nowadays it is treated as an amulet bringing spiritual balance, allowing to overcome stress, gives strength to overcome difficulties – smaller and larger ones. People who wear hematite jewellery are distinguished by their self-confidence. They are characterized by a sense of humor, optimism, easy to win recognition in the community and the sympathy of a wide range of friends. It is recommended especially for people with complexes or a tendency to depression.

The positive effect of hematite is quite long, after some time it should be cleaned and recharged with positive energy. Unlike other gemstones, haematite reacts badly to water, the best energy effects are achieved by storing it in the company of a mountain crystal.

The prevalence of hematite makes jewellery with it available for every pocket. The color of yarrow (from gray to black) makes it almost universal stone. It can be used to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches or rings.

It looks much better in the company of silver than gold, it also looks elegant on its own (necklaces, bracelets). When it comes to haematite, jewellery is completely universal – it fits most of the costumes.

To feel the positive effect of hematite on our body a small pebble in the form of a pendant or put in your wallet is enough. Some people think that like carp husks, it attracts money.


Pyrite is a very popular sulfide stone. In terms of chemical structure it is iron sulphide. Due to its golden-metal colour and confusion with real gold, it used to be called “fool’s gold” or “cat’s gold”. It is also sometimes confused with Markasite, whose chemical composition is the same, but the structure is completely different. Pyrite crystallises in a regular system to form cubes, octahedrons and pentagonal duodenums, and Markasite crystallises in a diamond system, is less durable and easier than Pyrite undergoes the action of oxygen and moisture.
The name Pyrite comes from the Greek word “pyr” meaning “fire” or “pyrites” meaning sparkling. This is because it is a mineral that sparkles when struck by steel.

Pyrite is a “stone of independence”, independence and responsibility. Under the influence of its energy, we easily take matters into our own hands without waiting for help, which does not have to come from other people. It balances two elements in us – female and male (Yin and Yang according to Taoism – Chinese philosophical system), i.e. male, extrovert energy directed at external activity, with female introvert energy directed at internal reflection. When one of these aspects of human nature is in abundance, the energy of Pirate equalizes them. The energy of Pyrite arouses appetite for the realization of plans and gives the energy necessary to implement them in life. We easily analyze the level of their difficulty – which makes it easier to control all our investments and efforts on an ongoing basis. We feel that our actions are as creative as they are practical. Intuition becomes the driving force behind effective actions in hard areas of our lives – finances, negotiations, management or leading complex projects. The balance between the intangible and the tangible increases the strength of our will, builds positive ambition, persistence in achieving the goal and motivation to engage even more in tasks that we previously thought were unrealistic to carry out.
Pyrite stimulates creativity in people working in artistic fields – sculpture, architecture, painting, graphics, but also science. It’s perfect for students because it increases concentration, improves memory, facilitates analysis and logical thinking.

Pyrite according to unconventional medicine:

– It strengthens the immune system.
– It helps with problems with getting pregnant as well as with increasing potency.
– Cleanses the body, especially the kidneys and liver.
– Increases the overall performance of the body and its vitality.
– It soothes anxiety, anxiety, anxiety, aggression, helplessness, pessimism.
– It has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and the vegetative nervous system.
– It helps to eliminate eye diseases, cramps and nervous tics, dizziness and sleep disorders.
– It lowers high cholesterol levels in the blood, relieves the symptoms of diabetes, hepatitis and gall bladder inflammation.

Pyrite undergoes rapid surface ventilation – under the influence of oxygen and moisture oxidizes to oxides, iron hydroxides or sulfates (corrosion phenomenon). Sometimes even a small touch of a finger on the stone can result in rust on its surface, because our hands are naturally moist and the skin has an acidic reaction. It may also happen that during prolonged contact with the body, under the influence of sweat and oxygen Pyrite will release sulfuric acid and iron ions Fe+2, which may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Therefore, store it in a dry and shady place and avoid contact with damp skin. Note: Pyrite is very sensitive to temperature changes.


Amethyst was already known in the ancient times
It is a variety of lactic quartz, usually violet in colour, but can also be in different shades of purple or heather. It owes its colour to radioactive radiation (harmless to humans) and iron content. It most often occurs in the shape of a bar or even more often in the shape of crystalline brushes. Pure crystals above 10 cm are rare.

Since ancient times, amethyst has a very different meaning. The Greeks drank wine made of charm made of amethyst, believing that this will protect them from getting drunk. The very name of the stone in Greek means “not drunk”.

According to Roman mythology, Bachus, the patron of good spirits, who does not avoid drinking, fell in love with the beautiful nymph Amethis. However, this one, discouraged by his drunkenness, asked Diana for help and was turned into a beautiful stone. Bacchus in love gave him the power to prevent him from getting drunk. To this day, amethyst helps to combat alcohol addiction.

The Hebrews, on the other hand, were convinced that it brought happy dreams. Already in the Middle Ages, it was considered a symbol of bishop’s dignity, so it decorated chalices and liturgical robes of the highest ecclesiastical dignitaries. The golden bishop’s signets also contained amethyst stone. It was also found in the famous Ring of the Fisherman John Paul II.

Amethyst properties

Amethyst, however, is used mainly in jewelry as a decoration for jewelry, mainly rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. It was placed in the jewellery of the English queen and Russian tsarina. As far as amethyst is concerned, the price depends on the country of origin of the stone, its weight and the degree of polishing and colouring. Small raw amethysts can be bought for just a few zlotys, but for larger, polished you have to pay about 1000 zlotys.

Amethyst is attributed various properties, is primarily considered a stone of happiness and spiritual balance. It ensures peace and harmony. It is especially recommended for people susceptible to stress, it allows to soothe and overcome it.

Amethyst strengthens concentration, so it is advisable to place it on the desk of a student or a person working mentally. Apparently, students in the company of Amethyst are more likely to learn and achieve better results. Amethyst also has an effect on insomnia, so people who have trouble sleeping should put it under their pillows and at the same time ensure a peaceful night’s sleep without nightmares.

However, it is not possible to keep it in the bedroom too long, because it deprives energy, which can adversely affect the sexual life of partners.
Amethyst is also attributed with specific healing properties. It helps to fight migraine pains, has a positive effect on the digestive and circulatory systems (cleanses the vessels and prevents the formation of atherosclerosis). Amethyst water soothes itching after bites, soothes various inflammations of the skin.

Some people think that amethyst will protect the house and its inhabitants from thieves.


Labradorite – a stone of the Sun and the Moon, shamanic practices and ground. Its reflections of light help to discover higher vibrations. It is said that it “holds its ankles while flying”.

An old Inuit legend, told from generation to generation, says that the Labradorite is an enchanted Polar Horn in rock, released by a brave warrior by an unusually strong blow of a sharp spear against a rock wall.
The warrior freed only a part of Zora and the rest is still enchanted in the rock and it is her Labradorite that owes its beautiful, rainbow-like colouring.
For the Inuit, the Labradorite is a magical stone whose symbol is its irritation, i.e. changing rainbow colours on its surface, depending on the angle of light incidence. They explain this as the existence of features hidden under the shell, invisible at first glance, but noticeable only in the case of great attention, when the mind is purified.

The name Labradorite comes from the name of the place where geologists identified it for the first time. It was in 1770, in Newfoundland, in the Labrador region of north-eastern Canada.

Stone was very popular in France and England in the eighteenth century, it was then used to make beautiful jewelry.

Labradorite is a mystical protective stone that draws its characteristic energies from both the Sun and the Moon. It protects against the loss of energy at the level of the ethereal body, protects, seals the aura against the penetration of unauthorized energy and facilitates communication between the conscious mind and the subconscious. It is also called the stone of transformation, shamanic practices and broadening of consciousness. It helps in astral projection and regression. It strengthens will power and self-esteem.

It is a stone that affects all main chakras, but also awakens smaller chakras in the hands. The first signs of activity of these chakras are visible after 10 minutes of holding the stone in your hands. The middle parts of the hand become warmer and the more advanced parts become hotter. The stone is recommended for Reiki practitioners as it prepares the hand chakras and directs the healing energy to the affected areas of the body, thus providing the necessary energy to the diseased organs.

The labradorite opens the crown chakra and facilitates contact with the Higher IAM and with Beings from other dimensions, develops the gift of brightness of hearing and automatic writing.

It helps to reach the voice of intuition, increases psychic abilities. It throws down the curtain of falsehood and hypocrisy, allows to live in truth and to see things, people, motives, emotions as they really are. It releases tormenting thoughts that hinder you from taking action.

It grows very strongly, while its reflections of light help to reveal higher vibrations. He is said to “hold his ankles while flying”.

It helps to find the purpose of the Soul and make dreams come true. It has a calming and harmonizing effect, so it is an ideal talisman for all nervous people.

It strengthens the immune system, regulates metabolism, balances hormones and stimulates thymus.

It is a stone of Aquarius, Lion, Scorpion and Sagittarius.

It should be cleaned under running water, and from time to time, so for regeneration it is best to put it in a glass of water after rinsing and put for a few days in a place where it will have access to the sun and moon rays.

Labradorite is mined in Finland, Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Russia, the United States and Madagascar.