Golden Rutilated Quartz the Crystal of Wealth

Golden Rutilated Quartz the Crystal of Wealth

golden rutilated quartz the crystal of wealth


Natural, uncut average quartz nuggets of golden rutile wrostami. Great mineral protective, energizing tonic.

Rutile occurs most often in the form of small needles and threads within minerals (mainly quartz) – thus also nawywany “Venus hair”. Its color is gold, red, brown, black.

Rutile great doenergetyzowuje and in general – is a powerful healer. It strengthens the paranormal.
Attracts confidence and wealth. It is particularly recommended to equalize male and female energy in the human body, which leads us to experience inner harmony.
Rutile calms our mind, dissolves subconscious lock formed in early youth and childhood. It is advisable to put it under the pillow, as it affects the quality of our dreams. Well it affects the aura, deeper vision at a distance.

Rutile is indispensable for common problems with digestion, since it has a positive effect on tissue regeneration and facilitates cell growth. It is advisable to apply the stone on the site of the burns and other skin damage. In view of the characteristics of stimulating cell regeneration it is recommended to be worn by everyone, especially those who are exposed to increased load of radioactive elements. It is recommended to put it on the affected area or carry it with you often touching him. It treats lung diseases, colds and very effectively strengthens the thyroid gland.
It stimulates brain function, combats depression, improves communication and increases clairvoyance.

Rutile is also a great WinGuard and mineral protection. It also has protective properties against radiation.

It is completely natural, unpolished quartz – some lumps of milk are so uneven, dull, etc. Wrosty rutile are visible, each nugget contains at least a dozen “needles” golden rutile. Nuggets wetted highlight the strongest rutile in its structure.


Rutile quartz – a mineral, whose name comes from the Latin root word “rutilus”, which means “Golden-red.” In another crystal and its species is called “love arrows” “Cupid’s arrow”, “Venus Hair”, “sagenitom.”

A special place among several kinds of minerals have a close-grained quartz crystals with needle-like elements or thin hair. This type of silica, called rutile quartz. It is characterized in that it contains crystalline inclusions contain other minerals, such elements are generally black or brown.

Inclusions of rutile provide gold items. They constitute the most valuable minerals from the group of quartz. Rutile can also increase the value of the ruby crystal, the star is located. Rutile crystals may have different shapes: straight, columnar, needle and pilocytic prism. It is characterized by the presence of crankshafts doubles.

Another characteristic of crystalline form is the form of long, thin needles, “hair”, inside the minerals. Often, the crystals are bent, the thickness may be from 1 mm to the tenth. The color may be greenish mineral, gold, silver shades. In nature, it turned out that the weight distribution of small and large grains of quartz rutile-related.

Rutile crystal – is silica. Kohler different crystals, glitter -steklyanny. Minerals are green-gray, dark brown, silver, brown and yellow gold.

Main deposit. The deposits of rutile quartz found in Australia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Pakistan, the United States, Norway, Madagascar.

Medicinal and magical properties of rutile quartz

Magical properties. Minerals rutile quartz known for thousands of years. This mineral is considered the most powerful of love spells. Stone reveals sexual energy, enhances the beauty and attractiveness. Mineral develops imagination, creativity, inspiration awakens people, helping in matters of love. This contributes to the acquisition of wealth and success, protect against witchcraft, stimulates sublime physical intimacy and platonic desire. They believe that pendants and rings with this stone can prolong youthfulness, that throws the pain and sorrow, its owner is able to give the gift of prophecy.

In Muslim countries, quartz with straight black hair-like inclusions are considered sacred, and call them Magometov beard. Oriental nations believe the stones quartz and rutile call it philosophical.

Rutile Egyptian magicians used their magic rituals quartz. Europeans too often resorted to his help to predict the future. It is believed that the rutile quartz can develop in man paranormal abilities. Current mystics believe that rutile quartz is so strong energy due to the presence of inclusions of rutile.

Rutile quartz as a talisman can protect the owner from interfering with the forces of darkness, the evil eye and envy. Quartz is a mineral rutile patron saint of people born under the zodiac signs of Gemini and Taurus. First, it helps to reveal hidden talents and skills, and the second – to find harmony with itself.

Healing properties. People from many countries of the world, for centuries believed that decoration of rutile quartz can extend your life. It is assumed that the rutile quartz is able to increase the immune system, relieve respiratory diseases, colds, sore throat. Folk healers believe that this mineral can remove the negative radiation. The greenish-gray crystals of rutile quartz, claiming that the strengthening of the nervous system, to treat insomnia and sleep normalization.

Minerals rutile quartz affects the solar plexus chakra.

Amulets and talismans. This mineral is considered to be the mascot of those who devoted his life to art, clairvoyants and sorcerers. As a mascot, you can use the rings and rings with this stone. These mascots to bring its owner luck in personal matters, increase the power of talent, protects against depression, sadness and stress. As amulets, pendants and sufficiently powerful frame pendants crystal quartz with rutile. Their action is aimed at attracting love.

The interesting thing about rutile quartz. According to legend, Venus (the goddess of love in Greek mythology), lost her hair while bathing in a mountain source, and when she found him, she decided to go back and pick her up. Time for the mountain gods, the Olympians slower than on Earth. On Olympus moments passed, and the world – for weeks and months. Winter came. Mountain cold source with a lock of golden hair of Venus. Firstly, the goddess was upset, but look closely, I saw that the hair in the ice looks very beautiful, and she decided to keep the curls in frozen water. And no one encroached on the Strand your hair, turned to ice crystals stone. And since then, people sometimes find great crystals cosmetic preserved castles Venus – rutile quartz crystals.


Quartz with rutile

It is crystal color smoky

Crystal mitzvah “inclusions” other

minerals. To my beloved stones

quartz should be rutile, that is, so-called. gold

Venus hair.

It is a very powerful means of healing.

It increases stamina, stimulating activity

psychical. It also prevents depression or very

it decreases. supports communication

with your own self. At the physical level, supports

tissue regeneration, improves assimilation

nutrients, improves

the functioning of the immune system.

It inhibits the aging process. helps

Problems with the respiratory (asthma,

bronchitis). It balances the various levels

consciousness. Increases ability to make

decisions and willpower. It stimulates clairvoyance,

increases the life force. It facilitates contact

from spiritual guides. Water, wherein

He soaked a stone (6 hours), you can

Wash wounds, including burns.

skin lesions elements

radioactive. Quartz with rutile

protect young people at the age of puberty before

negative, aggressive energies,

introduces a cheerful mood. strengthens faith

confidence and makes it resemble a

all messages when fear

I feel emptiness in the head. It is after this

mineral reach hot during exams

or in situations podbramkowych. Placed

on the “third eye” during meditation great

emphasizes the spiritual visions and helps

the intuitive interpretation. Easy access to

inner calm and collected

in the mind of knowledge. It increases energy levels

purifies the mind of confusion, allows

focus on the current task.

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