Although haematite occupies the final place among precious stones, it is attributed the greatest therapeutic properties and influence on man. This is done both physically and emotionally.

Hematite is actually an iron oxide, quite common on all continents. The most common form of hematite is rhombohedron, which is a spatial solid composed of 6 rhombuses.

Another name for hematite is yarrow. It owes it mainly to the intense red color during the powder process and the effect on the circulatory system. It is entirely black, steel or grey (various shades).

It was for these reasons that it became the main amulet of fighting soldiers. Not only did it allow them to defeat their enemies, but in case of injury it was used to stop dangerous bleeding.

Hematite healing properties

Heama is Greek blood, hence the name of the stone, which is attributed the greatest properties of the effect on the circulatory system. First of all, it is used to stop bleeding, regulate the menstrual cycle. Bloodworm is used for all diseases related to blood circulation. It helps to regulate blood pressure, prevents the formation of varicose veins, unblocks blood vessels. It facilitates iron absorption, which is particularly important for people prone to anaemia and muscle spasms.

Supporters of unconventional medicine believe that it has a positive effect on kidney function and treats bladder diseases. Bloodworm affects not only the body, but also the soul. Already in ancient times it was considered a stone of happiness, helped to maintain a joyful mood, brought love, strength and victory. Nowadays it is treated as an amulet bringing spiritual balance, allowing to overcome stress, gives strength to overcome difficulties – smaller and larger ones. People who wear hematite jewellery are distinguished by their self-confidence. They are characterized by a sense of humor, optimism, easy to win recognition in the community and the sympathy of a wide range of friends. It is recommended especially for people with complexes or a tendency to depression.

The positive effect of hematite is quite long, after some time it should be cleaned and recharged with positive energy. Unlike other gemstones, haematite reacts badly to water, the best energy effects are achieved by storing it in the company of a mountain crystal.

The prevalence of hematite makes jewellery with it available for every pocket. The color of yarrow (from gray to black) makes it almost universal stone. It can be used to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches or rings.

It looks much better in the company of silver than gold, it also looks elegant on its own (necklaces, bracelets). When it comes to haematite, jewellery is completely universal – it fits most of the costumes.

To feel the positive effect of hematite on our body a small pebble in the form of a pendant or put in your wallet is enough. Some people think that like carp husks, it attracts money.

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