Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, also called Lazuli Stone, is blue or rather indigo in color, often with white stripes or spots and golden pyrite grains. It gives the soul an impression of security in the Cosmos and opens up to infinite life in the Universe, making the soul open to the light-filled radiation and message of the stars. In many cultures he is considered a sacred stone, a messenger of Heaven, who brings wisdom to people, directing their minds inwardly and giving them understanding. Lazuli’s lapis symbolizes idealism, generosity, the purest and most selfless feelings that this healing stone evokes. The soul of this jewel is GOOD, and its emanations fight all evil and gloomy thoughts. Lapis placed on his heart, immediately soothes his anxieties, brings relief and relaxation. It is a jewel that miraculously stimulates optimism. It is considered to be a magical and miraculous stone, the object of contemplation of magicians and miracle-workers. Lapis lazuli on the chakra forehead introduces us to the deepest areas of the mind, from which intuitive knowledge and understanding flows to us, and where we gain trust in a higher spiritual guide. It removes negative patterns of thought that could close the access to these depths.

Lapis lazuli cures fever, epilepsy, headaches and insomnia, eye ailments and mental trauma (shocks). This stone is used by magicians in their magical actions, as it protects against evil, charm, bad influence and energy attack. Lapis as the Stone of Heaven and Stone of Gods is a symbol of spiritual love (Prema, Agape) and noble femininity. Lazurite as an amulet is put to the dead to help them go to the Land of the Dead (Pitrloka). It is a magical and medical stone. It promotes the development of intuition and looking into the depths, gives joy to the wonders of the universe and life. It is a stone of friendship, strengthens the social spirit, promotes harmony between people. It is good for fearful children to give a pendant with lapis lazuli to strengthen their self-confidence.

Azure water in which the stone has been soaked in at least two cavities (6 hours), and preferably all night long, is washed with sick eyes to heal them and improve their eyesight. Lazurite also removes warts, warts, knuckles and other skin growths. Rub the affected area 3 times a day and the growth starts to disappear forever. The treatment is performed during the decreasing moon. Lazurite is used to cure malaria, circulatory disorders, blood diseases, fever, neuralgia, eye diseases, melancholy, spasms and to stimulate mental clarity. Lazurite combined with silver brings relief from skin diseases, epilepsy and rheumatism, even if it is only a stone framed in silver. Lazurite brings serenity to nervous and impulsive people and courage to fearful ones. Lazurite is sometimes used against inflammations of the throat, esophagus, larynx and upper respiratory tract and against cancer of the larynx. It regulates the thyroid function, bringing peace, relieving anxiety and tension. It strengthens the lymphatic (immune) system, pituitary gland and thymus and perfectly cleanses the body from toxins, i.e. from Amas. Lazurite energizes and strengthens all energy channels or Nadis (Meridians).

Elixir prepared from Lazurite heals spleen, lungs, throat, lymph, thymus, and skin diseases when added to the bath. Azurite combined with gold inhibits multiple sclerosis. When heated by the sun and applied to bites or swellings, it immediately brings relief, reduces swelling and accelerates healing. Similarly, it helps with neuralgia, hepatic colic and other pains, being generally a universal drug that removes all pain and suffering. Lazurite normalizes, balances blood pressure and prevents stroke. Lazurite worn on the thyroid gland strengthens hair, inhibits the process of baldness and heals the structure of the skeletal system, prevents water droplets and stroke. It is also a good remedy against autistic disorders, helping to move around the world. It develops intuition, elevates to higher levels of consciousness and increases spiritual expression of personality, thus becoming a kind of spiritual medicine. Lasurite gives and develops a sense of security, develops inner discipline, mental clarity and allows you to derive inner knowledge and facilitates contact with the Guru, opening the human being more to people and the world. It strengthens faith, trust and self-confidence. It cures all pain, disorders and anxiety of the heart, especially how to put a stone on the heart center. It awakens friendship, harmony and understanding between people.

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