Malachite is a transformational stone that will help you make changes in your life if you need them and if you have the courage to make them. And if you don’t have the courage, this stone will open up a point of view in which this courage is at your fingertips. All you need to do is to have the intention to change.
In the process of personal development the stone indicates what needs to be changed and assists you with this change. It helps us to connect with the intention of the universe and thanks to that changes take place quickly, efficiently and painlessly.

Malachite makes every transformation from the heart and allows us to understand that we are co-creators of our fate, not victims. We notice that our capabilities are infinite and that it is only up to us what is possible and what is not.

Malachite – the stone of purification
Malachit has the power to purify. In the literal sense, it has the power to purge radioactive radiation and electromagnetic pollution.

In esoteric or energetic terms, this crystal purifies, opens and activates chakras, opens the heart to unconditional love and gives a sense of balance and harmony.

It can support rebirthing sessions because it has properties that help to heal old traumas from old life.

Protective properties of malachite
Malachite is also a stone used for energy conservation. It protects against negative energies, the “bad eye”, harmful thoughts and bad will. Some people say that it also protects against ghosts or charms.

It is said that when you wear it, the stone warns you of imminent potential danger and also protects you from it. So don’t worry if your malachite breaks or breaks, it will mean it has a good protective function.

Healing properties
Malachite also has healing properties. It is said to help with menstrual pains, cramps and childbirth, arthritis, high blood pressure, asthma, epilepsy, tumours and cardiovascular disease. I have already mentioned his ability to extract from the subconscious and heal emotions and even traumas. In such situations, a good partner cooperating with malachite will be pink quartz, rhodonite or kunite.

Malachite is a stone with a very strong and multiple action. It is especially effective in connection with meditation. It was known in ancient cultures, especially appreciated in ancient Egypt. When cleaning, try not to soak it too long in water and especially avoid water with salt, which can damage its surface.

Malachite – a sense of inner power and the power of peace
The energy properties of malachite allow us to discover the power of our interior. We get a connection to our inner power and we can achieve a sense of unconditional security. This stone teaches you that you are the center of your own universe, with full respect for others and the whole environment.

The energy of malachite is the power of peace. When you combine it with its energy, you realize that everything will be fine, no matter what the external circumstances seem to be at the moment. You know that fear is only an illusion, and the truth is available at your fingertips.

It is a stone that makes all illusions disappear and trust and confidence in one’s own intuition remain.

Properties of malachite as a heart opening stone
As I have already written, it is a stone that activates the flow of unconditional love. It helps us to remain in a state of high energy and empathy, while maintaining a sense of security and being “within”. For example, it allows us to be fully at the other person’s side and not to be connected with e.g. harm or low vibration.

In the emotional sphere, malachite helps us to connect to our deep, often hidden emotions and to understand them in a loving way, to heal them and to transcend the limitations they cause. It makes it easier for us to change our old patterns and beliefs.

Malachite – a stone of abundance and success in business
Malachite energy will help you to successfully complete your projects and projects. It is said that in business, malachite avoids dishonest partners and contractors and helps to make the right intuitive business decisions.

The stone combines logical thinking and intuition, which is a great mix for success in a variety of areas.

In the process of setting goals, malachit helps us to connect with our hearts and our deep needs. Malachit gives us a connection to our inner power that allows us to fully experience life, wealth and abundance.

Malachite has the power to realize goals, visions, dreams and dreams. We are co-creators of our world and everything is possible. This message makes malachite a powerful stone of wealth, success and manifestation.

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