Protection Stones

Protection Stones
The power of the stones

Precious stones have intrigued mankind for a long time because of their unusual appearance, colour, inner brilliance, transparency and rarity. Many of them have been given commercial, magical and healer value, linked to the signs of the zodiac, stars and planets (in each culture such a link may be different, the Babylonians, for example, attributed agate to the sign of the Bull, emerald Arabs and chalcedon Jews). Certain physical properties of stones predisposed them to healings, e.g. turmaline and quartz, which together with magnetite produced electric charges, could have a beneficial effect on rheumatic ailments.

Stone energies are very old, millions or even billions of years old. The whole matter of the universe is made up of minerals, so their energy and esoteric properties are universal. Stones, as well as herbs, colours, numbers and sounds are not indifferent. They may be in one place for many years, but they are still active tools with energy that can affect your world. They are gifts from the Earth, mineral beings with consciousness, strength and soul, which you can use to improve the quality of your life.

Purification of stones

Purification is a simple process in which you get rid of all the past influences and energies that the stones have come into contact with, thus preparing them for your own use. So it’s worth repeating the ritual for each new stone if you’re going to use it in magic rituals. An exception to this may be field stones that you have personally collected away from industrial areas, military areas, highways, etc.

Remember that not every stone can be cleaned by any method. Also the time of charging with solar energy can be different for different stones, e.g. a mountain crystal can stay in the sun for several hours, while a tourmaline, pyrite, agate, malachite, hematite, tiger eye and all iron minerals, intensely colored, dark can be left in the sun for up to 10 minutes.

Charging the protective stone

We can increase our energy protection by using protective objects and wearing tenement houses’ protective clothing. If we do it ourselves, we will incorporate our intent and vibration into the object. Amulet helps to protect our vibrations, especially in human settlements, where we are surrounded by many foreign energy fields, which can adversely affect us.

It is important to concentrate on the intention while preparing the amulet – the longer we stay in such concentration, the greater the impact of the amulet. The amulet can be programmed for only one specific action – e.g. protection or attracting money. It cannot take on more than one role. Stones, preferably light and round, such as mountain crystal, rose quartz or moonstone, are ideal for the role of an amulet.

Preparation of a protective stone

When you have selected the right stone and washed it under running water, say so loudly: Let all information fields be washed away from this stone. Now.

Place the stone inside your left hand and start breathing deeply. Concentrate on the inside of your heart, feel your love and increased vibration. Breathe on the stone, allowing love and gratitude to flow down on it. Say to him in whisper: We are both woven from the same matter of eternity and the same stars illuminate our way, the same vibration flows through us. It is a protective vibration that protects my energy. You are my protective stone! You protect me when I wear you!

Now, with the fingers of your right hand, bay the circle three times over the stone in a clockwise direction. Then moisten your finger with saliva and rub it against the stone. Light one match and blast it three times around the stone. Blow out the fire and hold the stone in the smoke escaping from the match.

Your amulet is ready. Say thank you for it, always carry it with you, and put it under your pillow at night.

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