Pyrite is a very popular sulfide stone. In terms of chemical structure it is iron sulphide. Due to its golden-metal colour and confusion with real gold, it used to be called “fool’s gold” or “cat’s gold”. It is also sometimes confused with Markasite, whose chemical composition is the same, but the structure is completely different. Pyrite crystallises in a regular system to form cubes, octahedrons and pentagonal duodenums, and Markasite crystallises in a diamond system, is less durable and easier than Pyrite undergoes the action of oxygen and moisture.
The name Pyrite comes from the Greek word “pyr” meaning “fire” or “pyrites” meaning sparkling. This is because it is a mineral that sparkles when struck by steel.

Pyrite is a “stone of independence”, independence and responsibility. Under the influence of its energy, we easily take matters into our own hands without waiting for help, which does not have to come from other people. It balances two elements in us – female and male (Yin and Yang according to Taoism – Chinese philosophical system), i.e. male, extrovert energy directed at external activity, with female introvert energy directed at internal reflection. When one of these aspects of human nature is in abundance, the energy of Pirate equalizes them. The energy of Pyrite arouses appetite for the realization of plans and gives the energy necessary to implement them in life. We easily analyze the level of their difficulty – which makes it easier to control all our investments and efforts on an ongoing basis. We feel that our actions are as creative as they are practical. Intuition becomes the driving force behind effective actions in hard areas of our lives – finances, negotiations, management or leading complex projects. The balance between the intangible and the tangible increases the strength of our will, builds positive ambition, persistence in achieving the goal and motivation to engage even more in tasks that we previously thought were unrealistic to carry out.
Pyrite stimulates creativity in people working in artistic fields – sculpture, architecture, painting, graphics, but also science. It’s perfect for students because it increases concentration, improves memory, facilitates analysis and logical thinking.

Pyrite according to unconventional medicine:

– It strengthens the immune system.
– It helps with problems with getting pregnant as well as with increasing potency.
– Cleanses the body, especially the kidneys and liver.
– Increases the overall performance of the body and its vitality.
– It soothes anxiety, anxiety, anxiety, aggression, helplessness, pessimism.
– It has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and the vegetative nervous system.
– It helps to eliminate eye diseases, cramps and nervous tics, dizziness and sleep disorders.
– It lowers high cholesterol levels in the blood, relieves the symptoms of diabetes, hepatitis and gall bladder inflammation.

Pyrite undergoes rapid surface ventilation – under the influence of oxygen and moisture oxidizes to oxides, iron hydroxides or sulfates (corrosion phenomenon). Sometimes even a small touch of a finger on the stone can result in rust on its surface, because our hands are naturally moist and the skin has an acidic reaction. It may also happen that during prolonged contact with the body, under the influence of sweat and oxygen Pyrite will release sulfuric acid and iron ions Fe+2, which may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Therefore, store it in a dry and shady place and avoid contact with damp skin. Note: Pyrite is very sensitive to temperature changes.

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