Stone of Prosperity

Stone of Prosperity

stone of prosperity

Most stores offering merchandise associated with the New Age has a variety of precious stones – polished nuggets or longer – with a list of properties that helps to choose the most appropriate type of gem. You can not reach for any configuration used to build rings, but even one or two, hung in the right place flat, perhaps enough to cause coveted changes.

In the Far East, it attaches great importance to the selection of precious stones, crystals and colors in their environment, as help in obtaining capital. There is a widespread belief that particularly effective in business is the color red and green minerals of these colors are so effective.

Selected stones and crystals can be placed in the middle of the bouquet, if necessary – posiłkując adhesive. In this role, they will prove particularly pearls and jade, as well as lemons and pyrite.

The circle is a symbol of fullness, and is situated on the circumference of precious stones to increase its power. It put a circle on the front door or close to the money “hit” home.

You can also create your own “lucky bag” sewing red muslin or organza sort of pouch, filled with happiness in giving business precious stones. It put him in the south-eastern part of the apartment, as close to the front door – or under the pillow. Valued way to “energize” the newly acquired precious stones is their location on the sill of the window exposed during the full moon.

The crystal ball is one of the most popular tools that are used by people with psychic abilities, spying on the future. But it has many more applications! He has an ability to attract – especially if it is a sphere made of quartz or jade.

The south-eastern part of the apartment, according to many people, is associated with wealth: placing the ball in the area, especially on the red base, provide a wealth of company and household. This red base is a reference to the color, which in the beliefs and customs of the Far East is used to ensure the happiness, prosperity and money: perhaps reaching PON will favor a variant of fate?


Stones make you become rich
sxc.huYou want to be rich, and your bank account again approaching dangerously overdrawn. Try to attract money using precious stones

Not only attract positive energy. For centuries, we know that their magical strength lies also in the miraculous properties of downloading assets. Precious stones work on even money like a magnet. To get more penny to our portfolio, sufficient to properly use them.

Pebble fortunately you can carry in your wallet or pocket. Better yet, choose a noble specimen, which will form part of jewelry. It can be worn as a stone in the ring, bracelet or necklace. Best to choose one that we like the most, which attracts and draws. The choice is so great that everyone will find something for everyone.

Sometimes they simply can not afford expensive trinkets with precious stones. Then what? Are we losers, no chance to make your life richer? None of these things. There is no shortage for stores that offer a wide selection of precious stones – nuggets or even already polished. They sell them for a dozen gold in special bags. Typically pakieciku included is a list of the properties of these stones. No problem we can not talk to your dealer for advice on how to choose a gem. To strengthen the effect you can be tempted to make a configuration with multiple stones.
It is worth remembering that according to specialists particularly effective in business is the color red and green minerals of these colors are so effective. People who deal every day and to work with energy are of the opinion that the large color photo of stone is able to work wonders. If you do not have the money for even the smallest pebble, let us his photograph, which will work as strongly as the wearing of a mineral with him.

What to choose

Room to maneuver when searching for “his” stone is really huge. Among the stones, which will help us in multiplying assets include, among others, citrine, carnelian, tiger eye, jade, seftonit, crystal, obsidian, rose quartz, green tourmaline, aventurine, peridot. Let us remember that they carry a not only increases the ability to make money, but also maintain them. With them, we will increase a chance of success at work. For easier selection contains a selection of stones.

* Jade is a stone of longevity, fertility, wisdom and balance. It also helps to keep the money. Historically, merchants kept in the hands of jade during each negotiation – had them bring happiness. And today, this mineral is recommended traders. Thanks to obtain good results without losses.

* Seftonit widely regarded as the stone of courage and strength. His great energy attracts wealth and happiness. Sometimes it called the African “blood stone”. It is believed also that it helps in the healing of physical and mental.

* Carnelian should carry it with you all businessmen, because this stone in every sphere of professional attracts good luck and money. It also helps to develop the work, which brings tangible results. Carnelian is a stone motivation, courage, which calms and improves concentration.

* Moss agate is considered one of the most beautiful and interesting stones. Carried cleanses the emotional body, away anger and frustration. It attracts for luck and money. Agat should wear people with a low sense of values and job seekers.

* Amazonite ancient stone called youth. Today we know that not only helps preserve the beauty, banishes fears and worries, but attracts wealth. It is said that it opens the gates of visions and helps … gamblers. Amazonite helps you succeed, spin career and earn money.

* Citrine is a traditional stone of wealth, known since ancient times. It was formerly called the “stone of merchants.” It is a stone of hope, which helps in situations of “no exit”. There is no shortage of votes, it was this stone brings clarity of mind when deciding on financial matters, and open to new ideas.

* Tiger’s eye for a long time is considered to be a stone money. In the past, they wore it only wealthy people. Today it is said that Tiger Eye helps in creating your own “paradise on earth”. Protects and brings good luck in life and at work. Attracts abundance.


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